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52nd anniversary of Earth Day

This year we will be celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the first Earth Day. Click here to learn about some of the history behind it.

Zero Waste students pose at the sustainability table at the CU Event Center for the 2022 green basketball game.

RGS Spring Semester Recap

Ralphie’s Green Stampede, a partnership between the CU Environmental Center, CU Athletics, and Facilities Management, completed another successful basketball season. Ralphie’s Green Stampede had student volunteers at over 20 men's and women's basketball games in the 2021-2022 season. Volunteers educated Buffs’ fans about zero waste, how to be a sustainable buff, and achieve a record 91% diversion rate at the Buffs’ final home game against Arizona.

Riverblue documentary

Riverblue Documentary - Impacts of our Clothing

April 11, 2022

Interested in learning more about global conservation efforts? One topic to consider is the impact of the production of our clothing on the environment. The Riverblue documentary goes into depth on the relationship between fast fashion and tannery practices and river pollution. This documentary is free to view via your...

GFH Facebook Items Exchange

GFH Facebook Items Exchange

April 11, 2022

Moving? Looking to declutter? Consider selling or giving away good-condition items you no longer want/need on our Facebook group: The Graduate and Family Housing Item Exchange At CU Boulder

Food from BFR

FREE Food Deliveries Every Week

April 11, 2022

The Environmental Center , in partnership with CU Housing and the Boulder Food Rescue offers a weekly delivery of FREE rescued food to Graduate and Family Housing! The goal is to put excess food from grocery stores to use and make it accessible to the Graduate and Family Housing community...

EcoKit items

Have You Had an EcoVisit Yet?

April 11, 2022

EcoVisits are a great way of learning helpful and valuable tips to reduce your environmental footprint and live greener in Graduate and Family Housing. It's really easy! Fill out THIS FORM to set up an EcoVisit and the GFH Sustainability Coordinator will set up an EcoVisit whenever it is convenient...

Olin Farms family with harvest

CSA with Olin Farms starts May 31

April 11, 2022

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is pleased to announce its continued relationship with Ollin Farms. This partnership allows Graduate and Family Housing residents to buy shares from a local farm (delivered on a weekly basis). This program helps to support local farms while also providing an opportunity for residents to...

How to reduce your waste at home

Why Reduce Your Waste

April 11, 2022

Most of us know what reducing your waste looks like. Buying less items and making sure to throw things into the correct bin. There are many more ways to reduce your waste. This article will detail more ways to reduce your waste, financial impact, large scale impact, and how to...

Compost scraps and finished soil

Composting at CU - A Student Perspective

April 11, 2022

Read about a student's zero waste journey after moving to CU Boulder from Cleveland, Ohio.

test tubes filled with plants

Bring on the green chemistry education, please!

Surveying shows that CU Boulder students want access to green chemistry education as part of their chemistry coursework. Since the beginning of Spring 2022 semester, a pilot course has been underway.