Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

SarahDawn was introduced to The Environmental Center in 2005 through the Colorado Bioneers, which is hosted on campus annually by the Ecenter.  After transferring in January of 2006 from Front Range Community College, she began volunteering, which eventually led to an entry-level position putting up posters for events. The next several years she held the promotions and volunteer student coordinator position.  In December of 2008 she graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Policy with a minor in Geography. Since then, she has been full time with the Environmental Center.  

Her work helps connect the dots between social justice, the economy and environmental issues to achieve true sustainability and social uplift by supporting student leadership.  She manages volunteers, general promotions, conference and event support and is an overall helping hand for the centers program managers, student employees and interns.   Her specialty is connecting students with the "right" people or places on campus and in the broader community so they may contribute to CU's legendary leadership and thrive in their academic, personal, and professional pursuits.  

Her passions include Colorado Bioneers ConferenceEnvironmental Justice education and action, leading restoration and trail crews with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, edutaining youth in various capacities, and bringing love to all children, but especially her young nephew Seth and three godchildren.  She grew up in Evergreen and Bailey, CO and has lived in Boulder since 2002.