Zero Waste... Did You Know?

Flattend boxes in a recycling bin

Zero Waste Move In

Incoming Freshman? Returning student? Either way, there is a lot of waste that can accumulate... Read more
Zero Waste picnic

Zero Waste Summer

Summertime, as relaxing as it can be to have a break from school and be... Read more
Donate don't dump

Off Campus Move Out... Zero Waste Style!

Moving out can be a very stressful time, especially when you are moving back home... Read more
Move Out Donation Station

Move Out Sustainably - On Campus

Moving out of the dorms is a chaotic, exciting time. For many, the dorms represent... Read more
Backyard compost bin

Setting up Backyard Composting

In Boulder, we are lucky to have curbside pickup for industrial composting. However, this is... Read more
Man with world head

Eco-Anxiety - Dealing with Environmental Triggers

Studying environmental topics and being passionate about the climate crisis comes with bearing the stress... Read more