Headshot of Leoncio  Lagarde

Leoncio Lagarde

Green Labs Assistant and Outreach Coordinator • (He/Him/His)
Leoncio is a first-generation Latino from Anaheim, California. Growing up, his parents exposed him to Latinx culture and cuisine, and he was making sopas de fideo and tostadas de chile rojo before he even knew how to tie his shoes. Inadvertently, his parents were raising him to be an environmentalist via simple, yet impactful, recycling strategies that they would implement in the kitchen. From storing leftover salsas and frijoles in...
Profile Picture Jess

Jess Alschuler

Rep-At-Large • Student Voting Member
ess is a sophomore student majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics. She has always been passionate about the environment and aspires to use her degree to study climate change using space weather technology. Jess has been involved in plastic clean-up projects in her hometown and wants to continue to make a difference as she goes through college and through life. In her free time, she likes...
Headshot of Jasmin

Jasmin Barco

Assistant Director Energy and Climate Justice • (she/her/hers)
Jasmin Barco is an Environmental designer, trained in Architecture, Resource Efficiency and Urban Design with a love for Graphic Design, Outreach and Engagement. She started her journey from the age of 5 when she emigrated from Peru to America; life’s lessons on adaptability and open-mindedness have led her to travel to over 20 countries to date. She believes that integrating experiences and design from abroad is crucial to sustainable design...
Samuel Forsyth

Samuel Forsyth

Bike Programs Manager
CU Boulder Bike Program
Samuel is a former park ranger and is an outdoor enthusiast who is passionate not only about being in nature, but also about having a healthy relationship with it. He has been car-free since 2009 and loves to walk and ride bikes to get around and to enjoy the outdoors. He has worked as a bike mechanic, mountain bike patroller, and education coordinator for a bicycle non-profit where he developed...
Headshot of Angie

Angie Gilbert

Zero Waste Events Manager
Angie joined the Environmental Center in the Fall of 2015 as the Zero Waste Events Coordinator. She graduated in 2002 in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado. It was a great fit to return to Boulder as and alum to further her career in the field of sustainability. Since 2010, Angie has worked with ESPN developing programs for waste reduction, environmental education and sustainable practices in television production. Her...
Headshot of SarahDawn Haynes

SarahDawn Haynes

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
SarahDawn was a student volunteer in 2005, student staff as the volunteer coordinator and the outreach and engagement coordinator 06-08 and a founding member of the CU Environmental Justice committee (aka Assembly for Sustainability and Equity), and has been full time staff since January 2009 in the same role. SD has helped produce large conferences, events of every size, supported zero waste events, trained and supervised many thousands of volunteers,...
Headshot of  Dana Kelly

Dana Kelly

Program Assistant, Office Manager
Dana Kelly has worked with the Environmental Center since 1995, managing office operations, administering student payroll, and supporting all the E-Center programs and staff. She is continually energized and inspired by the E-Center community's passion to improve people's health and relationship with the rest of the planet. Dana and her husband and teenage son enjoy being outdoors as much as possible, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. They can also often be...
Headshot of Rinchen Indya Love

Rinchen Indya Love

FLOWS Coordinator • (she/her/hers)
Indya’s appreciation and love for nature started at a very young age growing up in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. She grew up with the understanding of the sacredness of nature and ways to honor and be respectful of the interconnectivity between nature and all its inhabitants as well as being respectful of each other being key to balance for sustainability. In 2017 FLOWS was hosting a community...
headshot of Marianne

Marianne Moulton Martin

Associate Director
Marianne Moulton Martin has been with the Environmental Center since 1998. Currently as Associate Director, Marianne is responsible for managing finances, communications, promotions and marketing, and conferences and events. She also works with student staff on campus sustainability initiatives such as sustainable food, reducing toxics and green purchasing. Marianne served a year-long term as Interim Director of the Center in 2005. Marianne earned a BA in Environmental Conservation, Sociology and...
Headshot of Jenna Morrow

Jenna Morrow

Digital Engagement Coordinator • (she/her/hers)
Communication • outreach and admin
Jenna is an unconventional environmental educator passionate about equitable and sustainable access to nature for all people. Military service brought Jenna to Colorado Springs where she was a cyber operator for the Air Force. While in Colorado Springs she earned her bachelors in Geography and Environmental Studies from University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She has volunteered for multiple nonprofits but most recently worked with 350 Colorado, an environmental non...
Headshot of Alejandro Murillo

Alejandro Murillo

Climate Justice Program Coordinator • Pronouns: He/Él
Alejandro Murillo is originally from Caracas, Venezuela and grew up in Boulder. His appreciation for science and the natural world led him to graduate from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a BA in Geology. His love of diverse communities and bridging them together is what propelled him into social justice work. Combining the two passions has brought him to climate justice work in the communities that he grew up...
Headshot of Dave Newport

Dave Newport

Board Roster 2021-2022
Dave Newport was appointed Director, Environmental Center, University of Colorado-Boulder, in December 2005. Dave’s background is in environmental and sustainability research, teaching, publishing, and public service. Dave comes to Boulder from his previous post as the University of Florida’s first Director of the Office of Sustainability. At UF, he researched and published higher educations’ first sustainability report compiled to global business standards, led global efforts aimed at unifying sustainability reporting...
Angela Maria Ortiz Roa

Angela Maria Ortiz Roa

Climate Justice Program Coordinator • (she/her/hers)
This Colombian native became passionate and began educating herself about the concepts of Social Justice, cultural diversity, and intersectional oppression and transformation shortly after migrating north in 2001. Simultaneously, Angela has formed herself as skilled language service provider (Spanish/English/American Sign Language) and in her short experience in this field she has gained a unique understanding around the community’s cultural and linguistic needs, and has been able to facilitate and promote...
Robin Poley

Robin Poley

Zero Waste Program Assistant: Events and Operations • (he/him/his)
Robin has been working with the CU Environmental Center and CU Recycling since his sophomore year of college in 2014. Despite majoring in Religious Studies and History Robin saw sorting recycling at the campus recycling center as the perfect college job for him. Robin now helps manage the campus recycling center and zero waste events, working to ensure CU Boulder’s waste is disposed of as responsibly as possible. When he’s...
Headshot of Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar

Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar

CU Green Labs Program Manager
CU Green Labs
Kathy manages the CU-Boulder Green Labs Program, a program she has been building & creating since 2009. She has a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Colorado-Boulder, a BS in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary, and 15 years of laboratory research experience within the fields of Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, & Organic Chemistry. Working as a research scientist, she saw a real need for a program...
Brandon Smith

Brandon C. Smith, AICP

Assistant Director of Sustainable Transportation
CU Boulder Bike Program
Brandon was riding mountain bikes and working in bike shops while most of the station employees were still in diapers. He manages the Sustainable Transportation Program which includes the student bus pass program, ski bus, late night transit, and the bike programs for the Environmental Center. Most of his time is spent in the office working on administrative tasks, but when he needs some fresh air he will still come...
Headshot of David Vasquez

David Vasquez

Event & Training Coordinator
David is one of the newer members of the E-Center starting in September 2021. David was born in Cuenca, Ecuador and grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. He received his B.S in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of South Florida. That is where he got a taste of sustainability in higher education and landed his first sustainability job with his alma mater helping them develop their office of...