brandon smith

Brandon Smith

Transportation Program Manager
CU Boulder Bike Program
After Brandon Smith’s first backpacking trip to Colorado at the age of 14 he knew that he wanted to move here. It took another 13 years to make that dream into a reality. Brandon began his professional career in Austin, Texas as an intern with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as a Municipal Solid Waste Planner and the next summer doing environmental enforcement. After graduating from Texas State University...
Dan Baril

Dan Baril

Recycling Program Manager
The most recent stop on the path of life for Dan Baril has led him to the position of Recycling Program Manager for the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dan decided to take on the responsibility of recycling at CU in the Spring of 2006, bringing him to be involved in one of the most established campus recycling programs in the Nation. This CU Recycling Program is an appropriate destination...
Bicycle Recycling Program Manager

Kelsey Brackley

Bicycle Recycling Program Manager
CU Boulder Bike Program
Kelsey has been working in the Outdoor Recreation Industry for the past 10 years as a guide and environmental educator. She has spent her entire life on 2 wheels and has a strong passion for getting diverse groups of people on bikes by teaching skills clinics and leading group rides. As the program manager, Kelsey strives to break down barriers to cycling for the campus community by keeping racks clean,...
Jack Debell

Jack DeBell

Recycling Program Development Director
Jack DeBell has served the University of Colorado’s recycling program as a State employee since 1985. Prior to 1985, he worked for CU Recycling as a student and applied his coursework to develop operational, managerial, and promotional aspects of the program. Retired in Octover 2018, Jack continues to mentor interns and expand zero waste research through the CU Zero Waste Lab. His accomplishments include teaching a certification and internship program...
Samuel Forsyth

Samuel Forsyth

Bike Programs Coordinator
CU Boulder Bike Program
Samuel is a former park ranger and outdoor enthusiast who is passionate not only about being in nature, but also about having a healthy relationship with it. He’s been car-free since 2009 and loves to walk and ride bikes to get around and to enjoy the outdoors. He has worked as a bike mechanic, mountain bike patroller, and education coordinator for a bicycle non-profit where he developed the education program...

Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish

Assistant Director for Energy & Climate Justice
Michelle has long been passionate & active in sustainability, social justice, and cultural imagination. She is a former US State Department BoldFood fellow working to ensure global food security starting in the US and Uganda. She is also a former Center for Progressive Leadership fellow. She comes to the Environmental Center from the leadership team at Woodbine Ecology Center which promotes sustainable communities and indigenous values. Michelle graduated from Colorado...
Angie Gilbert

Angie Gilbert

Zero Waste Events Manager
Zero Waste Events
Angie joined the Environmental Center in the Fall of 2015 as the Zero Waste Events Coordinator. She graduated in 2002 in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado. It was a great fit to return to Boulder as and alum to further her career in the field of sustainability. Since 2010, Angie has worked with ESPN developing programs for waste reduction, environmental education and sustainable practices in television production. Her...
Christina Greever

Christina Greever

Green Labs Program Assistant and Outreach Coordinator
Christina has been with CU Green Labs and the Environmental Center since September 2015. She graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR in 2011 with a BA in Biology. She has been involved in biological research, conservation research, and research support since 2010 beginning as an intern at the Oregon Zoo for the Oregon Silverspot butterfly captive rearing program. After two years of research at Lewis & Clark...

SarahDawn Haynes

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
SarahDawn was introduced to The Environmental Center in 2005 through the Colorado Bioneers, which is hosted on campus annually by the Ecenter. After transferring in January of 2006 from Front Range Community College, she began volunteering, which eventually led to an entry-level position putting up posters for events. The next several years she held the promotions and volunteer student coordinator position. In December of 2008 she graduated with a B.A...
dana kelly

Dana Kelly

Program Assistant, Office Manager
Dana Kelly has worked with the Environmental Center since 1995. One of the things she loves about her job as office manager is that she gets to know everyone who walks in the door -- from visiting volunteers and University staff, to hundreds of student staff over the years. Being surrounded by the E-Center community's enthusiasm and actions that are changing the world makes it a joy to go to...
Mrianne Martin

Marianne Moulton Martin

Associate Director
Marianne Moulton Martin has been with the Environmental Center since 1998. Currently as Associate Director, Marianne is responsible for managing finances, communications, promotions and marketing, and conferences and events. She also works with student staff on campus sustainability initiatives such as sustainable food, reducing toxics and green purchasing. Marianne served a year-long term as Interim Director of the Center in 2005. Marianne earned a BA in Environmental Conservation, Sociology and...
dave newport

Dave Newport

Dave Newport was appointed Director, Environmental Center, University of Colorado-Boulder, in December 2005. Dave’s background is in environmental and sustainability research, teaching, publishing, and public service. Dave comes to Boulder from his previous post as the University of Florida’s first Director of the Office of Sustainability. At UF, he researched and published higher educations’ first sustainability report compiled to global business standards, led global efforts aimed at unifying sustainability reporting...
angela ortiz

Angela Ortiz

FLOWS Program Coordinator
This Colombian native became passionate and began educating herself about the concepts of Social Justice, cultural diversity, and intersectional oppression and transformation shortly after migrating north in 2001. Simultaneously, Angela has formed herself as skilled language service provider (Spanish/English/American Sign Language) and in her short experience in this field she has gained a unique understanding around the community’s cultural and linguistic needs, and has been able to facilitate and promote...
CU Green Labs Program Manager

Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar

CU Green Labs Program Manager
CU Green Labs
Kathy manages the CU-Boulder Green Labs Program, a program she has been building & creating since 2009. She has a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Colorado-Boulder, a BS in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary, and 15 years of laboratory research experience within the fields of Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, & Organic Chemistry. Working as a research scientist, she saw a real need for a program...