Associate Director

Marianne Martin is a Forever Buff.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Conservation, Sociology from CU Boulder in 1995 and served as a student group leader with Wilderness Study Group.  After a few years away from CU as a community organizer for habitat conservation, she began her professional tenure at CU Boulder as the Assistant Director in 1998 bringing in a variety of experience such as forming an environmental non-profit organization, managing field research projects, grant-writing and development, public education, environmental policy, and event planning.  While in service with the EC for the past 25 years, she has demonstrated her skills and leadership in student engagement, event coordination, policy development, budget strategy, marketing and communications.  Day in and day out, she supports the development of strategic and tactical solutions to climate and sustainability challenges that increasingly center on justice and equity.  Working with the next generation of leaders is what keeps her growing and dedicated to doing the work.  

Marianne is rooted in the Boulder community.  She volunteers with community organizations, is raising her children here, and deeply appreciates the ecosystem that supports all of us.  She has hope that the work we do truly contributes to creating a vibrant future.  

Interests and activities include sustainable viticulture, cooking, skiing, gardening and tennis.