Assistant Director of Sustainable Transportation
CU Boulder Bike Program

Brandon was riding mountain bikes and working in bike shops before most of the station employees were born. His education includes a Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning from Texas State University and a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from CU Denver. Prior to his work with the Environmental Center he did environmental enforcement and air quality planning for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, land use planning for Grand County, and bike planning for Boulder County. At CU he assists with campus wide transportation planning and manages the Sustainable Transportation Program which includes the student bus pass program, ski bus, and the bike programs for the Environmental Center. Most of his time is spent in the home office behind a desk working on administrative tasks, but when he needs some fresh air he will still come down to the bike station to see what it looks like to get one's hands dirty. Brandon has tried to be competitive on mountain and gravel bikes off and on for 25 years, and enjoys riding all sorts of terrain with his buddies, suffering on a smart trainer in the garage, and doing long distance gravel events. When he’s not on a bike he’s most likely doing city stuff in Denver, gardening, or spending time with his wife, daughter, and dog.