CU Buffs' Sustainable Athletics Facilities

Folsom Field Sustainability

The nation's first zero-waste collegiate sports facility

Buffs Practice Facility Sustainability

The nation's first net-zero practice facility

Coors Event Center Sustainability

Birthplace of Water for the West

The Buffs walk the talk when it comes to green sports.  

Folsom Field was the nation's first zero-waste collegiate stadium.  All football and basketball games, held at Folsom Field and the Coors Event Center respectively, are now zero-waste events.  But zero-waste was just the first step.  All new buildings on CU's campus are built to LEED standards and Athletics is no exception -- the Basketball & Volleyball Practice Facility and Champions Center Complex (including the Champions Center, Dalward, and the Indoor Practice Facility) are pending LEED Platinum certifications. Existing buildings -- Folsom Field and the Coors Event Center -- have been retrofitted to be more energy and water efficient.  And all fields on campus; sport, recreation, and otherwise; are pesticide-free, providing a healthier playing field for our athletes, fans, and the environment.