Many CU Boulder labs have Eco-Leaders!

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What is a Eco-Leader?

Picture of Eco LeadersAn Eco-Leader is a lab member who cares about sustainability in laboratories and would like to volunteer to help minimize the use of energy, water, material goods, and hazardous chemicals in their lab and promote efficient, effective use of research equipment and laboratory space. One goal of the CU Green Labs Program is to have an Eco-Leader established in every laboratory on campus.

What does an Eco-Leader do?

An Eco-Leader acts as the eyes, ears, and voice of conservation in their lab who:

  1. Acts as the lab point of contact for CU Green Labs
  2. Helps disseminate information from CU Green Labs to other members of their laboratory
  3. Helps identify opportunities to efficient use of energy, water, and material goods, and reducing hazardous waste generation
  4. Encourages sharing and efficient use of laboratory equipment, fume hoods, and laboratory space where possible.  
  5. Discusses changes with the Principal Investigator (PI) before changes are implemented
  6. Solicits ideas/feedback from other laboratory members
  7. Promotes green purchasing of equipment and supplies
  8. Finds a new lab member to take on the role of Eco-Leader before leaving the lab

What's the time commitment for being an Eco-Leader?

You can commit as much or as little time as you want to the Eco Leader role. Perhaps you make a point to attend CU Green Labs events, occasionally attend a Green Labs group meeting for your department, or participate in a contest. We ask you to share relevant information you receive from CU Green Labs with your own laboratory. If this sounds like something that interests you, please contact CU Green Labs at  It would be great to have you on board!​

Want to learn more about sustainabiltiy in laboratories, receive recognition, and to add the Certified Eco-Leader role to your resume? 

Consider participating in the Eco-Leader Advancement Program.

Interested in leading in your builidng or department?   

Consider applying to be a CU Green Labs Team Lead. 

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