The combined electricity savings for all actions below is 750 kWh/day which is equivalent to taking 30 houses off the grid.

50% of the ultra-low temperature freezers at CU Boulder are at -70 ⁰C, including the following labs:

Adams, Anseth, Batey, Blumenthal, Bryant, Caruthers, Chen, Copley, DeSousa, Dowell, Ehringer, Ferguson, Fleshner, Fierer, Garcea, Gill, Han, Hernandez, Jones, Junge, Klymkowsky, Koch, Kociolek, Linden, Liu, Marks, Martin, McIntosh, McKenzie, Moore, Nemergut, Olwin, Pardi, Poyton, Randolph, Roy, Schmidt, Seals, Shen, Sievers, Smolen, Sousa, R. Spencer, Stein, Stitzel, Su, Taatjes, Tan, Templeton, Tsai, van Blerkom, Winey, Wright Jr., Wuttke, Xue, Yarus, Yin

The following labs and groups are sharing ULT freezer space:

Ahn, Anthropology Dept., Biochemistry Teaching Labs, Bourgeois, Detweiler, Dowell, Garcea, Goodrich, Hoenger, Jimenez, Kane, McIntosh, Medieros, Moore, Odorizzi, Pardi, Perkins, Schmidt, S. Spencer, Stock, Smith, Safran, Sawyer, Voeltz, Winey, Wuttke, Templeton

These labs retired old ULT freezers without replacing them:

Adams, Ahn, Bourgeois, Falke, Han, Hoenger, Johnson, Martin, Medeiros, Olwin, Roy, Schmidt, Spencer, Tsai, Winey

Labs purchasing energy-efficient ULT freezer models:

Blumenthal, Falke, Fleshner, Gill, Han, Kane, Liu, McKenzie, Neu, Safran, Seals, Smith, Tripp

Departments and buildings keeping secondary back-up ULT freezers unplugged until needed:

JSCBB, MCDB Department