50% of the ULT Freezers at CU Boulder are set at -70 ⁰C

Half of the ultra low temperature (ULT) freezers on the CU Boulder campus are at -70 ⁰C (~75 of ~150 freezers). In 2010, there were probably only 5 at -70 ⁰C.  The CU Green Labs Program is very proud of this, and we hope to continue to encourage laboratories to switch their freezers to -70 ⁰C where it makes sense for their samples. This progress has been encouraged by the fact that we had a number of campus scientists that were already setting their ULT freezers to -70 ⁰C and had been for a very long time, before CU Green Labs even started. Knowing that colleagues had been successful storing samples at that temperature probably helped to convince some labs to change. Check out the labs and departments taking conservation actions with their ULT freezers!

Join your colleagues by exploring whether -70 ⁰C is appropriate for your samples too!