On a case by case basis, CU Green Labs is able to offer financial incentives from Facilities Management for:

Incentives Money TreeEnergy Savings

Purchasing energy efficient lab equipment

Covering disposal costs for lab equipment being retired without replacement

Water Savings

Purchasing water efficient equipment

Replacing the use of a faucet aspirators with a vacuum pump

Replacing water-cooled condensers with waterless condensers

Free low flow aerators for lab faucets

How does the incentive program work?

  • Our incentive program is for the purchase of energy or water efficient equipment.
  • If a lab is planning on purchasing a new piece of equipment, or replacing a piece of equipment, the lab can contact us and apply for a financial incentive toward the purchase of the new equipment. This conversation needs to happen before the new purchase takes place.
  • The value of the financial incentive is equivalent to up to 5 years of energy or water savings that CU Boulder will gain from the purchase of more efficient equipment.  The incentive is applied at the time of the equipment purchase.  

Click here for examples of incentives given to CU Boulder labs