Freezer Challenge LogoWhat is the Freezer Challenge?

Does your lab have refrigerators, freezers, or cold rooms for sample storage? If so, join the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge (ILFC), the first year the Freezer Challenge has gone worldwide! Compete with other CU Boulder labs to improve sample accessibility & integrity, reduce costs, and improve energy efficiency for cold storage in your lab! Win prizes (see below) and automatically help CU Boulder compete internationally with other universities to win the challenge! The ILFC is made possible by I2SLMy Green Lab and various industry sponsors. 

Visit the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge website!

Important Dates and Registration

The Freezer Challenge runs through June 15, 2018. Online registration is ongoing until June 15 so register today!

Freezer Challenge Score Sheet

Check out the Challenge Webpage at to see what actions your lab can take as a part of the ILFC. As soon as your lab registers for the challenge, your lab coordinator will receive an email with the electronic scoresheet. Be on the lookout!

CU Boulder Lab Prizes

2018 freezer challenge prizes

CU Boulder Funding for Prizes and Outreach

Prizes for participating in the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge are made possible at CU Boulder by Sustainable CU.

CU Boulder Freezer Challenge Kickoff Events and Award Ceremony

For 2018 CU Green Labs will not be holding kickoff events. Please give us a call or send us an email if you have questions about the Freezer Challenge.

After the Freezer Challenge ends June 15, 2018, Green Labs will organize an award ceremony for the campus to honor those that take the most actions with their cold storage units. If you want to be sure to receive all future messages about the Freezer Challenge and Green Labs in general, ask us to add you to our email list! We can be reached at

International Laboratory Freezer Challenge Awards

As a CU Boulder lab participating in the ILFC, you're automatically helping the University of Colorado Boulder compete against other universities to take home the top awards! The University of Colorado Boulder could win the EVEREST AWARD if we are the university that accumulates the most points during the challenge, or we could win the DENALI AWARD which will be given to the university with the most points per cold storage units. These institutional awards "reward those organizations that have encouraged the most labs to make the greatest difference during this challenge" (Freezer Challenge FAQs). Furthermore, individual laboratories can win recognition by being the top lab to score the most points per number of cold storage units. "Lab awards reward those labs who have made the greatest effort to improve their sample management and reduce the impact of their cold storage methods" (Freezer Challenge FAQs). A lab at Harvard won last year...will it be your lab this year?