Amidst a fresh season filled with new hope and early success, CU Football has yet another victory to flex on the rest of the PAC-12 and the nation with: the new Ball Corporation aluminum cup. Yes, while the Colorado Buffaloes are making headway on the field, Folsom Field is making responsible business maneuvers that ultimately save money, lower tuition, and put your home team strides ahead of the rest of the country. 

aluminum cup

ball logoBall Corp. has been a partner of Ralphie’s Green Stampede (RGS), working to reduce the waste entering and leaving Folsom. At the turn of RGS’s ten year anniversary, Ball announced the birth of the aluminum cup, a recyclable vessel that will be debuted exclusively at CU Boulder this week. Ball CEO John A. Hayes says that the university setting is the ideal environment for introducing this momentous project, and that the students, fans, and athletes alike will become ambassadors for more mindful, efficient business practices in sports settings. 

We thank Ball for ten years of commitment to the environment, passion, and the drive to make CU Athletics number one in the country for long-term business solutions.