The Sustainability Innovation micro-credential provides students with a foundational understanding of sustainability and an overview of projects and initiatives implemented at CU. Students will participate in workshops that will teach them creative problem-solving techniques, proposal development and how to engage stakeholders. They will receive a one-on-one mentoring session to get feedback and finish with a capstone implementing the newly learned skills in a project proposal or presentation.

To earn the Sustainability Innovation micro-credential in Spring 2023, students will need to:

  • Take the CU: Sustainability Skillsoft course

  • Attend Impact Accelerator Workshop on February 11.  This is an idea formulation and creative problem-solving workshop using campus climate action goals as the framework. Students will generate ideas for campus climate action projects which can be further formulated into proposals and presentations and considered for implementation.

  • Attend a project development workshop on March 7.  This workshop covers idea testing, proposal development, pitch formulation, stakeholder engagement and systems thinking. Students will gain feedback and tools to build out and identify support for project proposals.

  • Complete a one-on-one mentoring session to test and validate project ideas. 

  • Capstone presentation. Participants will share their project in one or more of the following formats: 

    • Applied-learning class project proposal/presentation

    • President’s Sustainable Solutions Challenge presentation (April 12)

    • Climate Action Expo presentation (April 20)

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What is a micro-credential? 

While traditional degrees and certificate programs recognize more robust programs of academic study, micro-credentials provide a way to recognize and document the acquisition of specific skills or competencies. Upon successful completion of a micro-credential program, learners are issued a digital badge that allows achievements to be displayed and shared. Just as diplomas serve to recognize degrees, digital badges are artifacts that offer recognition and storytelling about micro-credentials. Badges contain metadata about the program’s requirements and learning objectives, as well as links to educational artifacts. Micro-credentials at CU Boulder are administered by the Office of the Registrar. More info.