CU Green Labs Awards

The CU Green Labs Program recognizes CU Boulder lab members (students, staff, and faculty), individual labs, lab departmental staff, campus groups, and departments for their remarkable actions and commitments to reduce the impact of laboratory research on the environment and advance the culture of sustainability in the science community. 2021 will be the seventh year of these annual awards presented at the Campus Sustainability Award Ceremony in April each year.

CU Green Labs Award recipients' actions align with CU Boulder’s goals for sustainability, set examples for others, and advance a culture of sustainability among the science community. 

Nominations will be evaluated based on:
•    Overall Impact and/or long-term impact
•    How the effort sets an example for others and/or what is being done to share the effort
•    How the effort goes above and beyond expected job duties

2021 Call for Nominations

Nomination Deadline: Friday March 5, 2021

Nominate lab members (students, staff or faculty), an individual lab or teaching lab, a collaborative effort between labs and/or individuals, a group on campus, or a department for their outstanding commitments, efforts, and actions to benefit conservation in campus laboratories and to advance the culture of sustainability in the science community.  Nominations are only open to members of the CU Boulder campus.  Candidates can be nominated for the following categories: 
•    Individual Achievement
•    Laboratory Achievement
•    Partnerships for Lab Sustainability (involving multiple people or labs)
•    Departmental Achievement

[Note: There are no restrictions to the number of awards that can be given in each category each year nor is each award category required to be filled each year. ]

To submit a nomination, use the CU Green Labs Program Award Nomination Form.

CU Green Labs Program Award Nomination Form

Also, consider submitting a nomination for the campus wide Sustainability Awards for actions that are not specific to laboratory research. 

Campus Sustainability Awards