The CU Green Labs Program recognizes CU Boulder members (students, staff, and faculty), individual labs, campus groups, and departments for their remarkable actions and commitments to

  • reduce the impact of scientific research on the environment,
  • advance efficiency and sustainability practices in laboratory research,
  • grow the culture of sustainability in the science community,
  • address diversity/inequity issues in science and/or environmental injustice experienced in connection to processes related to science (manufacturing of chemicals and scientific products, disposal of hazardous waste, and large greenhouse gas emissions from significant energy use by research operations)

2022 will be the eighth year of these annual awards presented at the Campus Sustainability Summit in April each year.

CU Green Labs Award recipients' actions align with CU Boulder’s goals for sustainability, sets examples for others, and advances a culture of sustainability among the science community. 

Nominations are open to members of the CU Boulder campus and will be evaluated based on:
•    Overall positive impact and/or long-term impact
•    How the effort sets an example for others
•    How the effort goes above and beyond expected job duties or what is expected by campus or in a typical research environment

Call for Nominations

Nominations deadline for 2022 is March 16th. 

CU Green Labs Program Award Nomination Form

Also, consider submitting a nomination for the campus wide Sustainability Awards for actions that are not specific to laboratory research. 

Campus Sustainability Awards