CU Boulder students can apply for a fellowship for an online green chemistry certificate program offered by the University of Washington (UW). This program is a partnership of CU Green Labs, CHEMunity, and (B)Chem Club and has been made possible over the years by funding from the CU Boulder Chemistry Department, Environmental Health and Safety, Chemical and Biological Engineering, RASEI, the Graduate School, and Sustainable CU. The UW certificate program is often taken by professionals in various fields of work and thus presents a unique opportunity for CU Boulder students to interact and network with those individuals online.


University of Washington Green Chemistry Scholarship picture of plant with organic molecules in background.

Picture source: website for the University of Washington Green Chemistry & Chemical Stewardship Online Certificate Program

Interested? Here are your next steps:

1) Find out more by visiting the University of Washington Green Chemistry Certificate Program webpage 

2) View fellowship application information here to learn what is required for CU Boulder students to apply.  The program is currently accepting applications for fellowships for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Applications are due by April 17, 2023.  

3) Email the CU Boulder Green Chemistry Certificate Fellowship Committee at with any questions and for more information.  Committee members include:

  • Oana Luca, PhD, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar, PhD, CU Green Labs Program Manager
  • Olivia Jenks, Doctoral Candidate in Chemistry
  • Joy Liu, Undergraduate in Chemistry & (B)Chem Club Member