The University of Colorado wishes to recognize outstanding efforts toward continuing the leadership and legacy of sustainability at CU Boulder. Since 1997 the Annual Campus Sustainability Awards have recognized individuals, departments, and offices that have made a significant contribution to reducing the ecological footprint and increasing the resilience of campus infrastructure and improving social cohesion and equity in campus communities. Outstanding efforts make CU's successful and challenging approaches to attaining sustainability possible. The awardees exemplify CU's continuing efforts to become a sustainable institution and set an example for environmental stewardship and responsibility.  Some of the awardees have made groundbreaking efforts that will change the overall way CU operates, and others make an impact on the community and campus environment with their everyday actions.

The Awards happen every April in conjunction with the Campus Sustainability Summit.

2019 Call for Nominations

Nominations are due February 28, 2019

Nominate outstanding individuals and departments who demonstrate a sincere commitment to transforming the CU Boulder campus into a living laboratory for sustainability through innovation that directly reduces the university's ecological footprint, enhances social equity and cohesion in the campus community or integrates sustainability into the culture of our local communities.

Campus Sustainability Award Nomination Form

Green Labs Award Program


2018 Awards Announcement

2018 Award Descriptions

Sustainability Award Archives

Award Selections, 1997-2018

Campus Sustainability Awards Committee (2018)

  • Lisa Barlow, Senior Instructor, Baker Residential Academic Program and Environmental Studies
  • Amin Gheysar, Assistant Director of Facilities, Business Operations, Housing and Dining Services
  • Doug Kenney, Director, Western Water Policy Program, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment
  • Christine Henry, Associate Editor, Coloradoan Magazine
  • Elizabeth Lock, News Editor, Strategic Relations
  • Marianne Martin, Associate Director, Environmental Center
  • Rayna Oliker, Sustainability Coordinator, Residential Programs and Services, Housing and Dining Services
  • Lauren Goldfarb, Student; CUSG Sustainability Director
  • Josh Lindenstein, Facilities Communications and Outreach Specialist, Strategic Relations and Communications
  • Heidi vanGenderen, Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Edward von Bleichert, Sustainabiltiy and Resiliency Program Manager, Department of Facilities Management