photo of members of the greek community helping Green Greeks with a trash and recycling cleanup on the hill
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photo of Green Greeks tabling about water conservation
photo of Green Greeks giving a presentation to a sorority house.
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Mission Statement

Greek Sustainability, popularly known as Green Greeks, is on a mission to help CU’s Greek community reduce its environmental impact. We aim to transform all chapter houses and annexes into prime examples of energy and water efficient living spaces, to foster greater environmental understanding, to teach proper waste diversion, to build positive lifelong habits, and to shape the Greek community into champions of sustainability.

Who We Are

Green Greeks is comprised of Green Greek-representatives from each Greek house and the two Greek-wide sustainability coordinators who supervise their efforts. The goals of a Green Greek-rep include establishing behaviors that aim to lower the carbon footprint, energy usage, and wasteful tendencies of their house and active members. Instituting recycling bins, composting bins, presenting about zero waste, and promoting sustainability themed events are examples of the responsibilities held by eco-reps. Attending group meetings with the coordinators to discuss the challenges they encounter are also expected.

Specific Green Greek-Representative duties include:
1. Remain in contact with coordinators about any issues regarding sustainability in their houses
      - Post-presentation check-ins with coordinators and the house themselves
      - At chapter, remind members of issues occurring in the houses and solutions to those issues

2. Have continuous watchful eyes on the disposal waste on their house
      - Make sure all bins stay in the same place and are labeled properly
      - Inform peers what waste goes in what bins
      - Send pictures of bins to coordinators every two weeks to check up on waste

3. Recruiting new members
      - Make announcements at house chapter about green greek meetings
      - Post on facebook/GroupMe's about meetings
      - Make Green Greek announcements in lectures
      - Contact live-ins, younger chapter members, and friends to join green greeks

4. Participate in postering, tabling, and chalking

5. Organize sustainability events at Greek houses
     - For example, a scrape your plate event for chapter dinner, contact coordinators for extra help

Becoming a Green Greeks Representative

Join us for our meetings for Fall 2021 semester:

September 15th, 29th; Oct 13th, 27th; Nov 10th

All meetings are at 6:15-7:15pm, except fo the 27th which is a tour of the campus recycling facility at 2pm.

Register by completeing the Green Greek Interest Form:

Green Greeks Rep Interest Form

Green Week

During the spring semesters annual Greek Week, Green Greeks hosts a sustainable Greek wide event. Spring 2019 we incorporated a Carbon Drawdown Challenge using the PIPs Rewards App. Chapters competed against each other by scanning QR codes that tracked when they refilled their water bottles, recycled, rode their bikes, and carpooled. Activites change yearly, but you may expect to see green themed athletic events, sustainable trivia competitions, and more.The winning house receives an exclusive award and trophy.

We are unsure how we will participate in spring of 2021 and are open to the ideas of Greek Greek Leadership to help shape events. 

Programs Partnerships

Green Greeks is always looking for new partnerships! We have previously partnered with ECO-Visits and the Zero Waste Green Team- programs funded by the city of Boulder.  Guayaki has been a valued sponsor of our events.  

Contact Info

Riley Jenkins (she/her)

Head Sorority Sustainability Coordinator 

Delta Gamma


photo of Taj Carter Head Fraternity Sustainability Coordinator

Taj Carter (he/him/his)

Head Fraternity Sustainability Coordinator

Pi Kappa Phi


In collaboration with Grant Brooks 

Theta Chi

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