Photo of 2 sororers inside of a blue water cube with waves designed to illustrate how much water is used in making different household items and foods.

Geek Sustainability at the University of Colorado at Boulder aims to help the Greek houses become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Also called “Green Greeks,” the program is made up of representatives from Greek houses known as sustainability chairs and two Greek Sustainability Coordinators. If you are interested in being the Sustainability Chair for your house, email

The main focus of the program is to work with the Xcel Energy-funded ECO-visits program to help the Greek houses save money on their energy and water bills. Through this, student technicians install Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs), low-flow shower heads, sink aerators, and weather stripping in the houses. Along with this, houses complete an energy and water assessment to analyze where most of their resource use comes from. Houses learn about everyday steps they can take to minimize their water and energy usage and how they can make a long term impact on their community and the environment.

The Green Greeks program also holds the Panhellenic Green Cup. This event is a competition between the sororities in which each house tries to lower their energy bill as much as possible during one month by taking steps to reduce light and electricity use. The winner is awarded $1,000 towards their house’s philanthropy. Learn more about the Panhellenic Green Cup here.

Green Greeks helps Greek houses implement recycling programs. Being very large and active, the Greek houses tend to be magnets for energy misuse and waste. One way that we can combat some of this waste is to recycle aluminum, cardboard and plastic to help get the most use from our resources.

The Green Greeks program is constantly looking for members of the greek community to represent their house. If you are a member of a Greek house and are passionate about making your house energy efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly please email for more information.  


Previous Green Cup Winners

The 2014 Panhellenic Green Cup award winners

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