(Formerly Assembly for Sustainability and Equity)


The environmental justice project at the University of Colorado at Boulder was created by the University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG) to address the fact that communities of color and underprivileged populations are often unjustly burdened by environmental degradation and pollution. The project was established in response to CUSG’s desire to help define more comprehensive and effective sustainability implementation plan, plans that can address the social and ecological issues faced by all CU students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Vision and Mission

The vision of EJT is the equitable distribution of fiscal, environmental and social assets among all peoples.

The mission of EJT is to coordinate Environmental Justice (EJ) related literature and information, partnerships, education, and outreach on and off campus with all interested individuals and organizations as appropriate, to advance the knowledge of environmental justice issues as well as connect students with community partners working to alleviate environmental justice burdens.


CU EJT has several focus areas. On campus we are working to build alliances with individuals and groups who are involved with environmental justice-related research, activities, and programs. We also aim to contribute in a meaningful way toward environmental justice within the larger community, including Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, and the Denver Metro area. Our programs are based on the self-identified needs of the communities that we work with.

Get Involved

EJT is always looking for student leadership. Whether you have a little time or a lot, there are many ways you can contribute. 

  • Take the Eco-Social Justice Leadership Certificate Training to become more equipped to work on eco-social justice and environmental justice issues.
  • Join us on Facebook.
  • Help shape the EJ Project by attending meetings. Contact us for more.
  • Let us know what you're doing, be it research, organizing, or educating, and expand the database of individuals and organizations working with EJ-related issues.
  • Join our mailing list and stay up to date about EJ happenings and news on campus and in the broader community. Contact The Eco-Social Justice Team to sign up. 

Past Events:

 Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change. A Film by Inuk Director Zacharias Kunuk. With interactive dialogues and guest speaker Heidi McCann. February 22nd Hellems 201 5-7pm


13th doc


Prison Ecology Updated

Indigenous Resistance at Standing Rock poster, Sept. 29th. Held in Hellems 199 at 6pm