The University of Colorado Environmental Center Energy & Climate Justice Program works to create a deeper understanding in the CU community about how our energy and water use directly relates to climate change and social justice issues... And what we can do about it. We employ peer-to-peer education about climate change, climate justice, water, air, food justice, agricultural practices and how to efficiently conserve energy on and off-campus.  By educating each other, we are able to increase awareness and build interest in finding and working on solutions. FLOWS program members after a community event brainstorming community solutions for the City of Boulder

Here are some of the programs under the Energy & Climate Justice umbrella:

For more information, check out our "Justice" page, our "General Energy & Climate Info" page, or contact Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish, Energy & Climate Justice Program Manager: (303) 492-3229

You can also visit our events calendar for trainings and events.

Photo of program manager, Michelle Gabrieloff, Director Dave Newport and Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones on top of Boulder Housing Partners Roof during inauguration of solar installation with GRID AlternativesBack to Top












Energy & Climate Justice Program Manager Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish with Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones and Environmental Center Director Dave Newport during an inauguration of a local solar installation.