"Participating in Green Labs has opened up opportunities for me after grad school. I interviewed with top labs for postdoctoral positions, and they said that my work with Green Labs is what set me apart from other applicants. Coming from faculty who receive hundreds of applications a year, that is a major advantage! I have also been able to compete for green fellowships, which are becoming more common as institutions focus on sustainability. " - Tina Boville Co-founder & CEO, Aralez Bio 


CU Green Labs is excited to invite you to participate in the Eco Leader Advancement Program, a 100% voluntary program designed for researchers at CU Boulder. This program is intended for those individuals that want to take further action to learn more about sustainability in laboratories and be able to add the designation of “Certified Eco-Leader” to their resume

We have designed this program as a way for Eco Leaders to further develop their resumes, learn more about sustainability, and receive further training on laboratory sustainability efforts that can be done in their own lab. The overall goal is for laboratories at CU Boulder to become more sustainable through the leadership of the Eco Leader in their laboratory, and for the Eco Leader's knowledge & skill to grow too. 

Summary of the Program

The Eco Leader Advancement Program is an online based, voluntary, self-paced course that lab members can complete to develop their knowledge of sustainability in the laboratory setting and to integrate better practices into their laboratory operations. Assignments incorporate both at-home and in-person learning, allowing students to learn at their own pace. The course consists of three levels that overview the sustainable labs movement, introduce students to initiatives at the CU campus, and provide them with tools to assess opportunities for improvement in their own labs.

Participants in the course will be recognized at the Annual Campus Sustainability Summit, a certificate will be awarded for each level completed. 

Since many of us are working remotely during the COVID era, or only in the lab for reduced hours, Green labs has adapted the entire first level of this program to be completed virtually.

What you can expect to learn in each level of the course:

Level 1: Eco Leader in Training

Level 1 introduces the sustainable lab movement, overviews initiatives at CU Boulder and beyond, and guides students through several action items to complete with their lab group. Students develop a basic understanding of why sustainability in laboratory settings is important as well as the concept of environmental justice.

Level 2: Intermediate Eco Leader

Level 2 is more application-based and delves into the current sustainability of the Eco Leader’s lab. After a comprehensive assessment of the lab’s current practices, the Eco Leader and their team choose to make three changes to improve the sustainability of the lab. 

Level 3: Certified Eco Leader

Level 3 broadens the scope to focus on systemic change in the scientific and research communities. Eco Leaders learn about normalizing sustainability language in research grants and supply chains, and about sharing equipment and spaces between lab groups at the same institutions. This level gives Eco Leaders the chance to contribute and lead in their communities and beyond.


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Additional info:

  • If you are not part of the CU Boulder system you will not be able to enroll in the Canvas course. However, Green Labs is happy to share the course content with anyone that may be interested. Please feel free to contact us.
  • You can get started with the program immediately after you enroll, if you wish, and someone from CU Green Labs will be in touch with you shortly to set up a short meeting to dicuss you and your lab's individual needs.
  • This is a new program for 2020. The Green Labs group welcomes any feedback regarding the Ecoleader Advancement program. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or feedback regarding the program or enrolling process. Thank you!