Where can I pick up my RTD College Pass?

If you are a new student living off campus, you can pick up your RTD College Pass at the Buff One Card Office in the C4C. If you are a freshmen student living in a residence hall, you will receive your RTD College pass during move-in. 

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I lost my RTD College Pass. Can I get another one?

Yes. You can purchase a replacement RTD College Pass Card for a fee 10 dollars. Pick up your bus pass along with your Buff OneCard in the Campus Card Office in room N180 in the Center for Community building. Phone number is 303-492-0355

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Why isn't my RTD College Pass working?

The problem could be from a variety of reasons. 

  • If a semester or longer was taken off your card was deativated and it can't be reactivated once your return.
  • The card was suspended over a summer term when the mandatory fee wasn't paid. The card will begin working on August 1 (or shortly after).
  • The card is damaged and needs to be replaced. 
  • You have numerous cards assigned to you and an older card is being used. Like a credit card that's been replaced, only the newest card will work.
  • Once a suspension has been removed or a new card assigned it typically takes 24-72 hours for all bus card readers to recognize the status change. The more often you ride the faster the system will recognize your card.

If none of these reasons are the cause for your problems, send an e-mail to buspass@colorado.edu with your name and the 8 digit code that starts with 0 below your photo on the bus pass. Your card's status will be checked and confirmed.

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I am not enrolled in classes this semester, but I want to keep riding the bus. Can I buy a pass?

If you are taking a semester off and are officially enrolled in the Stay Connected or Time Off program, you can purchase a bus pass. You can purchase it from the Buff OneCard office in C4C. If you have graduated or withdrawn from classes please contact RTD to purchase a bus pass.

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Am I eligible to waive the RTD College Pass fee?

The College Pass program is a mandatory fee that was passed by the student body in 1991 and again in 2009. However, if you already have a valid EcoPass, a valid military pass, live outside of the RTD service area, or have a disability that prevents you from using public transit you can get a refund to your bus program fee. Find out more by reading the RTD Fee Waiver Policy page. If you meet the qualifications, fill out the Student Bus & Bike Programs Fee Waiver Request Form and we will verify your eligibity and process your fee waiver.

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When does my Spring RTD College Pass expire?

Spring bus passes are scheduled to suspend on May 26 and reactivate for the Fall term on August 1. We suspend the 20,000+ bus pass cards for non-fee paying students over the summer.

If you would like to retain your bus pass, you can purchase a summer bus pass at the Buff OneCard office in C4C. If you are enrolled in Summer classes and pay the standard fee package, your pass will remain active.

Where can I find RTD maps and schedules?

The Bike Station, the Rec Center and the UMC, to name a few places on campus. Look in building lobbies for more RTD map cases. Or, you can look online at the RTD Lightrail and Bus Schedule page or google maps does a great job at figuring out which route is best. 

Where is the Bike Station?

We now have two Bike Stations to better serve you. The original and busiest station is located just East of the UMC, between the Visual Arts Building and Euclid Autopark. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. The newest station (closed over the summer) is the Folsom Bike Station and it's located SW of the Engineering Building and NW of LEEDS School of Business.

Find out more by reading the UMC and Folsom Bike Stations page

Where do I register my bike?

Bike registration is easy. Fill out the form on the bike registration page and pick up your registration sticker at either campus bike station.

How do I rent out a bike?

We offer Semester Bike Rentals. 

The Semester Bike Rental Program provides students, faculty, and staff with a gently used but newly tuned bike on a semester by semester basis. The program charges a $30 rental fee (non-refundable) and a $100 deposit (refundable). If you return the bike in the same condition we gave it to you, then you receive your deposit in full! You may renew your rental for a second semester at a cost of only $10. Find out more by reading the Semester Bike Rental Program page.

How do I know when the Ski Bus is running?

The Ski Bus will be suspended for the 20/21 ski season due to Covid-19. The Ski Bus typically runs from November through March on multiple dates. For a full schedule of dates and destinations, visit the CU Ski Bus Facebook page. Find out more about the Ski Bus program by reading the Ski Bus Program page, or by calling 303-900-2761.

Where can I purchase Ski Bus tickets?

Normally, tickets are available online with credit card at the Purchase Ski Bus Tickets page. Or, you can just show up the morning of the trip and pay cash for a stand-by ticket. Find out more by visiting the Ski Bus FAQ page, or call 303-900-2761.

What can I recycle?

You can recycle metal, plastics, paper cartons, glass, paper, books, newspapers, magazines, and cardboard. Find out more specifics by reading the Acceptable Materials for Recycling page.

Keep in mind that it is important not to cross-contaminate! You can't recycle plastic bags, paper cups (due to coating on the inside), wrappers and packets, and frozen food boxes. Find out more specifics by reading the Unacceptable Materials for Recycling page.

Where can I recycle on campus?

Find out specific on-campus locations and how to recycle at the Where to Recycle page

How do I properly recycle this special material?

There are spaces on campus you can recycle cell phones, disks, batteries, pallets, CFLs, toner cartridges, office supplies, and lab materials. Find out more by reading the Special Materials Recycle Options page.

Can we recycle items from our office clean out?

For large amounts of recyclables from office purges and special collections, please call Facilities Management at 303-492-5321 in advance to arrange for delivery of additional containers.

What can I compost?

You can compost food waste, compostable plastics, compostable paper and wood, paper towels, and napkins. To tell if plastic is compostable, look for the labeling "#7 PLA" on the bottom of the container!

Find out more by reading the Accepted Compost Materials on Campus page.

Where can I compost on campus?

Composting collections continue to expand at CU Boulder. Many buildings currently have compost locations including the dining halls, the UMC, Folsom, Koelbel, Education, Wolf Law, Henderson Museum, Theater and Dance, Ramaley, and more. Find out more specific locations by reading the On Campus Composting page

How can I get composting in my campus building?

It is a goal of the campus recycling program to add composting bins to restrooms in all the buildings on campus.  We are eager to expand our program to include compost and offer landfill alternatives for items such as paper towels and compostable serving ware and food waste.  
We estimate that this will happen slowly over the course of multiple years, with the goal of adding five buildings each year. There is no new funding to cover the costs of compost bags and collection so we have to phase in these costs.
In addition to securing continuous funding, some of the program challenges that we are working out are:

  • contamination:  unlike other recycling streams, there is low tolerance for contamination, and compost/compostables are not handled/sorted like the traditional materials such as cans/bottles.  If there is contamination, it compromises the entire load of materials and will be disposed of as trash.
  • product compliance:  oftentimes, not all components of a coffee cup are compostable, like some of the lids & straws for example.  There are mixed messages out there on what is and isn¹t compostable.
  • service:  due to the food component, it is necessary to empty compost bins daily
  • space:  compost carts or dumpsters need to be at the dock as the central collection point (large collection trucks service compost)
  • cost effective:  we must use our existing budget and resources for this new collection program

 Thank you for your interest to compost, and for your patience! Building by building we’re moving toward our Zero Waste Campus goal.

Can I get these documents shredded?

CU Recycling collects materials for confidential shredding, up to 6 boxes at a time. If you're interested in signing up for this service, fill out the CU Recycling Shredding Service Request Form. For more information about the Shredding Service, as well as details on pick up arrangements, read the Recycling Shredding Service page.

Who do I talk to about a missed collection in my building?

If there has been a missed collection in your building, please call Facilities Management at 303-492-5321.

How can I get an Eco-Visit (formerly known as a SCORE visit)?

Sign up for a free energy assessment by visiting the SCORE appointment booking website

Find out more about the Eco-Visits program by reading the SCORE / Eco-Visits page

If you have any questions or comments please contact Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish, the Environmental Center’s Energy & Climate Justice Program Manager at michelle.gabrieloff@colorado.edu or 303-492-3229.

How can I get more involved in the CU Environmental Center?

There are many ways to get involved with The Environmental Center! You can explore our website to get more information about the many different programs, clubs, and events that the E-Center hosts. Please feel free to call us at 303-492-8308 or send us an email at ecenter@colorado.edu for any questions or comments.

You are also welcome come by our office in UMC 355! We would love to meet you and talk with you about how you can get plugged in!

Also, you can sign up for an E-Center general monthly update email.

If you're interested in volunteering, you can sign up for the E-Center's Weekly Volunteer Opportunities Update email.

For a list of E-Center/Sustainability Events, you can view our online calendar, or sign up for our Weekly Events email

Find out more by reading the Environmental Center's Get Involved page!