Secured, covered bicycle parking is a great option for those using a bicycle to commute to and around campus. 


Any CU Boulder employee or student with an active Buff OneCard is eligible for access to the secure shelters. Bicycles parked inside the structure must have a current bicycle registration sticker from the RFID symbol on Buff OneCardEnvironmental Center and a Buff OneCar with RFID capability - look for the symbol on your card. If your card doens't have RFID, you can swap it our for a new one for free at the Buff OneCard office. 

The shelters

CU Boulder’s secure bicycle shelters are shared storage structures with a secure locking system. The shelters protect bikes from adverse weather conditions and deter theft and vandalism. Space in the bicycle shelters is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

How it works:

To sign up for secure bicycle shelter access, please follow the two-step process:

  1. Register your bicycle at one of the CU Bike Stations

  2. Apply for secure bike shelter access

Once you receive confirmation, you’re set!

  1. Access the shelter by either swiping or tapping your Buff One card at the shelter card reader. 

  2. Lock your bike in the shelter by using a high quality U-Lock.


University Memorial Center (UMC) west side secure access shelter

East Campus Administrative and Research Center (ARCE) southeast side secure access shelter

Access Issues and Questions

Contact with questions about shelter access. If you have already been granted shelter access and your card isn't working after hours or on a weekend, please contact 303-492-5522.