The CU Bike Program helps prevent bike theft on campus by exchanging u-locks for used cable locks. 96% of all bikes stolen on campus were locked up using either a cable lock or no lock at all. Using a high quality u-lock helps prevent theft. 

Dear staffs of CU environment center
"I visited the UMC bicycle station this afternoon and the nice staff there provided me a secure U-lock in place of my unsafe cable lock. I can not believe the u-lock was provided to me for free. Thank you for giving me the u-lock and thank you guys for all you have done in making CU a bicycle friendly place and in making riding bicycles in Boulder so convenient and pleasant. Best regards, Youjun Hu"

Stop by the TLC or Folsom Bike Station to trade in your used cable lock for a u-lock. This is an exchange, not a giveaway. If you do not own a lock, please purchase a u-lock from a local bike shop.

The swap is available to any current, fee-paying student.

Lock Swap

Feel free to contact the bicycle program for questions or comments at or call 303-735-BIKE.