FLOWS- Foundations for Leaders Organizing for Water & Sustainability

Sept 25 World Cafe

FLOWS bridges social justice and environmental issues. FLOWS provides leadership training opportunities, green job skills, and free energy and water upgrades while building partnerships between CU students and staff and community members.  We partner with and work primarily for low-income communities for water and energy conservation (the communities most in need of lower energy and water bills).

We will explore a wide range of sustainable lifestyle behaviors emphasizing the relationship between water, energy use, and social justice while engaging in cooperative learning and training. FLOWS leaders will receive a certificate of completion and a stipend (possibly in the form of gift cards). In addition to holding intercultural discussions about diverse sustainable traditions, technical aspects of the program will focus on installing free energy and water saving devices for local households (modeled after the ECO-Visits program).  

FLOWS will provide free water and energy upgrades for low-income Boulder residents. FLOWS technicians will provide sustainability information and counsel residents in making sustainable, equitable shifts in their daily habits. We have partnered with Boulder Housing Partners, which provides much needed affordable housing throughout Boulder. Together we work to make FLOWS a viable pilot that can be replicated elsewhere and will measure the impacts of the program.

 FLOWS participants do a solar installation training, November 2016

Image of text that says "Want to bridge social justice and environmental issues? The FLOWS program provides leadership training opportunities, green job skills, and free energy/water upgrades through equitable partnerships between students and community members."


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