During his time at CU Dan Baril had a huge impact on the legacy of CU Recycling. He began his 16 year career by helping promote recycling and managing the recycling facility, he was instrumental in helping CU expand the services and operations of Move Out and gave direction for the program to divert on average 30 tons a year. He co-created the logistics for the nation's first collegiate sports zero waste program, which has won numerous awards over the last ten years. He helped strengthen recycling to the Boulder Bolder and campus events. He led countless students into zero waste careers, and mentored hundreds, while inspiring many thousands over the years with art installations, campus-wide contests and events, and digital media. Do you have one of our cool recycling stickers? Yeah, that was Dan and his team who made some of our most popular swag! Dan would work ten hours or longer each day for years to get the job done. He sorted waste, shoulder to shoulder with students, presented at national conferences on our campus achievements which gave many a deeper sense of Buff Pride, and is almost always quick to laugh but always the first to turn up the beats. His contributions as DJ Dan Dasana to the Bike Fest are legendary- and hopefully a reason for him to return for a visit (join us in September!). It is hard to thank someone properly when they have gone above and beyond for so long. Call it passion, or commitment to the cause, he did so much to help our community and it was a pleasure and an honor to work with Dan. CU Boulder and the zero waste movement is better off from his contributions. Thank you Dan, we are going to miss you!