knitted sign around tree that says voteHave your voice heard in November, remember to register and vote! Here are a few helpful tips and resources to help you register and vote! 

In only a few weeks, it will be Election Day! So, it’s a good idea to determine if you’re registered to vote, where to vote, and who is running. If you’re from Colorado and registered to vote in Colorado, you will receive a ballot in the mail in the weeks leading up to election day. If you plan to vote by mail, it’s recommended that you put your ballot in the mail before October 31st. After the 31st you should place your ballot in a 24-hour ballot box. Ballot boxes can be found throughout Boulder County. 

If you’re not registered to vote in Colorado but want to be, you can register online to vote in Colorado. If you do so before October 31st, you will receive a mail ballot, but you can also register in person on election day. To register, you must have a valid ID. 

If you’re not from Colorado and want to vote in your home state, you can go online and request an absentee ballot. It’s best to look into requesting an absentee ballot as soon as possible as each state has different deadlines on when you can request an absentee ballot to make sure that all ballots are returned on time. 

If you’re living on campus, you can also register to vote and vote on campus! Boulder county has a great resource to help break down the process of voting as a student and answers some common questions students may have regarding the voting process. If you are a student and plan to vote on campus, you can stop by the UMC Vote Center starting on October 24th to register and vote. Plus there is a 24-hour ballot drop box right outside the UMC.