Published: Sept. 13, 2022
the compost cycle

Composting organic/compostable materials helps decrease the amount of waste going to the landfill.  It also helps decrease methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from being released into the atmosphere. 

Here in GFH, you can compost your table scraps, spoiled leftovers, compostable papers, dirty cardboard, and plant matter!  A more detailed list can be found here.


Currently, the future of the CU composting program is AT RISK!

  • There is too much contamination (non-compostable items) in the compost bins

  • Contaminated compost gets rejected and sent to the landfill

  • If compost goes to the landfill, it creates methane and contributes to climate change

  • We need YOU to help keep our compost program going!

  • Make sure to ONLY compost items that are compostable (list in a link below)

  • If you are unsure if it can be composted, put it in the landfill to keep our compost clean

Check out this list of items that can go in the compost bins at CU.

If it is not on that list, DO NOT put it in the compost bin.


Here are some other lists of items that can help you dispose of your waste in the correct bin:


Each court has at least one compost bin. 

Here are locations where you can compost in GFH and around the CU campus.  


Interested in how composting works? Here are 7 steps mapping how your banana peels becomes nutrient-rich soil!

  1. Discard your food scraps and any other compostable materials into your tabletop compost bin (get yours for FREE through an EcoVisit)

  2. Dump your compost into your local compost bin *SEE MAP ABOVE*

  3. Your compost will be collected and brought to a composting facility

  4. In Boulder County, compost is sent to A-1 Organics where it is processed to begin the composting process

  5. The compost is then mixed/churned and watered for a period of time, becoming NUTRIENT RICH SOIL and MULCH!

  6. This soil and mulch are then used for farming 

  7. This results in creating food and compostable materials!


PLEASE keep your compost CLEAN by only putting compostable items in the compost bin.  This will create a finished product that can be used by farmers, gardeners, and landscapers.