Are you looking to meet new people on campus and be outside in the lovely Colorado sun? The CU Farm Club is a great place for those who have “green thumbs” or have always wanted to be a plant parent. The Farm Club is a great place to learn about gardening alongside other students and community members. Climate justice, food security, and community-building are just *some* of the passions amongst Farm Club members and collaborators. Farm Club is a place for anyone who appreciates the planet, food, people, and the future we can create together. Come hangout - below you will find information on upcoming events. 

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Last week in the garden: 

Student gardeners were turned to artists for the paver painting party. More than 15 stone pavers were painted to express the diversity of student interests. 

Seven students painting pavers stones outdoors

Join fellow student gardeners at the following upcoming events: 

Tuesday June 14th, 4:00-7:00p- 

Native Pollinator Garden Creation Pt. 1 (SEEC)
Join Farm Club to learn about the importance of pollinators and explore ways to support our Colorado natives in our shared garden space and at your homes. This will be a two day event where we explore the native plant demonstration gardens at the Library and plant seeds for our new native pollinator garden at SEEC (date; time). On the second day we will plant our new flowers, herbs, and shrubs at SEEC and design insect-hotels and birdhouses for our new guests (date; time).

Tuesday June 21, 5:00-7:00p

Compost with The Farm Club (SEEC)
Be part of our composting operation! If you’ve already been collecting and want to help improve the farm club’s soil quality, please bring your compost! There is no downside to composting - not to mention it is incredibly fascinating! If you are new to composting, this garden day will be super interesting and beneficial to you and your garden. Learn why composting is so important for the sake of the planet and all of its’ inhabitants, as well as how the process itself works and how you can start your own compost operation! Whether you live in an apartment, dorm, or house, you can consider incorporating compost into your life. We all need to think critically about our food waste contributions, and this garden meeting will leave us all feeling we have the information and tools to close the circle around our food consumption. Using compost in garden soil works absolute miracles! Come educate yourself, get involved, and give the gift of compost back to the Earth.

Thursday June 23, 3:00-6:00p

Garden Upkeep & Planting (Library)
Join Farm Club at (SEEC Garden, Library Garden) to clean up our beds of weeds and make room for new plant friends! We will meet at __:__ at _ and begin weeding as we discuss what we will be planting, why we chose those plants, and where they should live in our garden. Once we’ve evicted weeds - which shouldn’t take long with a team - everyone will have a chance to plant new herbs, vegetables, and flowers. We will leave the garden amazed by its’ beautiful transformation and excited to see how our plants grow :) Come hangout with Farm Club members and get some dirt under your nails!

Partner events:

Thursday June 16th:

8:00am-11am Volunteer with Community Food Share @ Andrew's Family Farm (w/ Max)

3pm-5pm Feed the Stampede Mobile Food Pantry @ Wolf Law Parking Lot *free groceries*

5:30pm-7pm Composting & Vermiculture Workshop w/ Flatirons Young Farmers Coalition RSVP Here

Friday June 17th: 

11am-12pm BPL Family Honeybee Class @ George Reynolds Branch  Register Here

11pm-4am Volunteer with Zero Waste: Dead & Co. Concert *free ticket, t-shirt, and food* Register Here

Saturday June 18th:

11pm-4am Volunteer with Zero Waste: Dead & Co. Concert *free ticket, t-shirt, and food* Register Here


SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY: Send $5 to help student families get fresh local food - SHARE, SHARE, SHARE - the crowdfunding ends on the 28th and every dollar counts. Thank you for doing your part and supporting food security in Boulder: Donate to CSA