Published: Feb. 21, 2022

girl biking outsideBoulder is one of the best places to bike. The city offers 96 miles of bike lanes, 300 miles of bikeways, 84 miles of multi-use paths and 50 miles of specific bike routes. Everywhere you go, you see someone on a bike within the city, and that may be intimidating, but we can all get into biking with the right resources. 

  1. If you’re looking to change your commute to campus and want to start biking, look into the Bicycle Program on campus. You can find resources on how to register your bike, bike maintenance and you can subscribe to the CU Bike Newsletter.

  2. Use your FREE BCycle membership, which includes an unlimited number of 60-minute trips. Please return the bike to a BCycle station within one hour.

  3. When looking to get around the city, check out the city's website which provides information on the different bike paths within the city and bike safety tips.

  4. Turn to the web! Many online retailers such as REI and Backcountry provide resources on how to find the perfect bike for your experience level, or what type of cycling you’re trying to get into. Plus they have resources on the kinds of gear you might look into getting.

  5. Look local! If you want to get a feel for the different types of bikes or equipment then stop by a local bike shop. In Boulder, there are plenty of bike shops where you can test out a wide range of different bikes, equipment and ask bike experts all of your questions.

  6. Bike with friends. It may be nerve-wracking to dive into biking alone, so turn to your friends, co-workers or classmates who are into biking. You can chat about how they got into biking, and if they have any tips or tricks that might help you.

No matter what, it’s never too late to try something new, and to try your hand at biking. It might just be something you love.