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Welcome back from break everyone... this semester is off to a running start, as we are already into February!  This article will serve as showing the importance of reusing in our society and I will provide some reuse life hacks that you may find extremely useful as we transition into a new year and yearn to try new ways of living. We may set more resolutions to be more mindful and think and act more sustainably. Here are some reuse tips and tricks I have found very helpful in my life!

The Importance of Reusing

Benefits of Reuse

Reuse is important because it keeps materials out of the waste stream completely by passing items that may no longer of value for one person to someone else who can put them to use. 

Environmental Benefits

Social Benefits

  • Takes useful products and materials and provides them to those who need and want them.

  • Supports local community and social programs!

  • It has proven time and time again that reuse is a perfect way to adequately and efficiently give others the food, clothing, medical supplies, equipment, and more that they need.

  • Less burden on the economy.

Reuse Hacks!

Now more than ever we need to resort to reusing as much of the products we own as we can. Reuse is the solution and here are some awesome hacks:

  • Thrifting! Such a fun way to reuse clothing that others no longer found useful. Lots of unique clothing and other items can be found at thrift stores. Also donating your clothes to thrift stores instead of throwing them away is a great way to help.

  • Look for other reuse stores and centers such as art supply resale shops, like this one in boulder!

  • Be creative and think about googling a quick search for parts near you for any projects, crafts, gifts, etc. Oftentimes, you can find a lot of items you need that are in need of being reused at used equipment stores and other salvage yards.

  • Junkyards! Can help to sort through them if you have the time!

  • Material exchanges in your area and even more regionally should be available.

The items you can reuse are practically unlimited!

Most of these can be found in most communities

  • Building materials

  • Furniture

  • Office supplies

  • Computers and other electronic devices

  • Food items and equipment

  • Household items

  • So much more!

Donating and reusing equates to an increase in value!

When you reuse an item it continues to be a valuable and useful item to someone else that reduces our resource usage!

Limiting pollution is always cool and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by choosing to reuse your items in new unique ways is such a mutually beneficial effort to helping our environment.

Sometimes caring about the environment through purposeful and intentional thinking and ways of living can make all the difference!