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Solarpunk is a movement that tries to answer what the world could look like when our daily life is sustainable. Solarpunk is a term that was coined in 2008 for the art movement. Having harmony with the natural world and industry. Making buildings that are carbon neutral and uses renewable energies to combat climate change is the intent behind solarpunk. A company in the United States called Open Source Ecology, works to develop industrial machines like tractors, ovens and cement makers at a fraction of the commercial cost and then shares its designs for free. This effort works to create an open source economy. The positive psychology to balance out climate anxiety and give a positive outlook on what the human race is capable of. Solarpunk is meant to plant seeds for the future generations to benefit.

What does Solarpunk look like?

  • High-tech buildings that blend with nature and work with nature to look sustainable.

  • A combination of steampunk and cyberpunk themes with a sustainable focal point. 

  • Embracing traditional roots and embracing natural energy and non-polluting environments

Wakanda from Marvel’s “Black Panther” is an amazing example of embracing a solarpunk aesthetic. Embracing the mountains in the city and including the natural scenery as a part of the architecture.

Other Solarpunk in films

Studio Ghibli employs elements of solarpunk in their films. Films like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Ponyo have elements of solarpunk sustainability with their structures and world building looking towards ideas of zero waste and respect for nature.

Also... "The radical ethics of Hayao Miyazaki’s fearless heroine still resonates today."

Check out this Video on Solarpunk that inspired this article by Saint Andrewism.

In Conclusion... a Call to Action

Having a positive outlook on what the future can look like is how the human race can make strides forward. Solarpunk is the vision of success and the way humanity can be shaped with sustainability in mind. Taking these steps can be as easy as installing a showerhead that uses less water or voting for candidates whose values align with sustainable practices. A sustainable future is possible and will be looked upon as one of the greatest challenges that humanity faces.