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Looking for something to do this Valentine’s day? Consider dedicating this day of love to show your appreciation for all that our environment provides for us! Showing little acts of love and compassion to the place that needs it most right now and without fail the earth provides us with everything we could possibly need could really make a difference. On a day that is all about love and expressing our compassion and appreciation, consider saying “I Love You” zero-waste style!

Zero Waste Gift Ideas

  • If you are going to spend this Valentine’s Day with a special loved one, consider grabbing a second-hand gift to express your love, such as jewelry from a vintage/thrift store. 

  • Create a hand-made gift with craft supplies and photos!

  • Buy organic, local flowers or even better buy a plant for your loved one! Flowers die and then must be composted, a houseplant can be around forever and brighten up any room with some greenery. Some local florists to support include: 

  • Baking! What a better way to show your love then to spend a few hours putting your love into baking something they will enjoy and cherish.

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Show Mother Earth Some Appreciation


Check out a D.I.Y. event on our instagram page on how to make sustainable Valentine’s Day cards using recycled home items!