Published: Sept. 24, 2020
EcoBuffs EcoKit

We are ALL Sustainable Buffs and our individual actions add up to make a big impact!

The EcoKit can help improve your sustainable habits and also influence those around you!

  • Sign up to get a FREE EcoKit that is catered to your living situation… on campus in the Residence Halls or off campus in a House/Apartment.

  • The EcoKit is delivered in a contact-less, COVID-safe process to your door (off campus) or can be picked up in the Environmental Center (UMC 355) if you live in the Residence Halls or beyond the City of Boulder. 

  • Each EcoKit delivery comes with a Virtual EcoVisit, so allow for 30 minutes of time for an EcoBuffs student expert to guide you through sustainable practices where you live! 

  • Bring your sustainability questions to the Virtual EcoVisit and the EcoBuffs will find the  answers for you!


Sign Up Here for a Free EcoKit delivery and Virtual EcoVisit


If you already have a full tool box of sustainability tools, then check out our Sustainable Buffs Guide for more resources to include sustainability in your life!