Published: Sept. 24, 2020
EcoBuffs EcoKit

We are ALL Sustainable Buffs and our individual actions add up to make a big impact!

The EcoKit can help improve your sustainable habits and also influence those around you!

  • Sign up to get a FREE EcoKit that is catered to your living situation… on campus in the Residence Halls or off campus in a House/Apartment.

  • The EcoKit is delivered in a contact-less, COVID-safe process to your door (off campus), to your hall front desk (on campus), or can be picked up in the Environmental Center (UMC 355).

  • Each EcoKit delivery comes with a Virtual EcoVisit, so allow for 30-60 minutes of time for an EcoBuffs student expert to guide you through sustainable practices where you live! 

  • Bring your sustainability questions to the Virtual EcoVisit and the EcoBuffs will find the  answers for you!


Sign Up Here for a Free EcoKit delivery and Virtual EcoVisit


If you already have a full tool box of sustainability tools, then check out our Sustainable Buffs Guide for more resources to include sustainability in your life!