Published: April 30, 2020
map to bike drop locations

The Environmental Center is offering free bike maintenance and repair on campus as well as remote DIY maintenance assistance to keep you riding safely! Bike shops are essential businesses and biking is allowed under the Boulder County stay-at-home order.

Accessing remote repair on campus

  1. Complete the Bike Repair request form

  2. Lock your registered bike to a rack in the UMC bike shelter or to a short-term rack outside the UMC bike station - see the map for the indicated areas.

  3. We’ll repair your bike as quickly as possible (usually within 48 hours) and contact you as soon as it’s done. 

Get remote DIY bike repair assistance

Contact to get personalized, remote assistance in repairing or providing maintenance to your own bike, wherever you all through email, phone, or Zoom at a mutually convenient time! Sam Forsyth, our Bicycle Programs Coordinator and master bike mechanic will answer all of your questions and give you pointers as possible over these mediums.

Folsom Bike Station closed

The Folsom Bike Station is currently closed due to construction, but will open as soon as possible sometime during the Fall semester. Only short tune-ups - 15 minutes or less - will be available at the Bike Stations during the beginning of the semester. We recommend getting more involved tune-ups at your local bike shop before coming to campus.

2020 summer bike storage

The Environmental Center regularly offers summer bike storage annually for $10 per bike or $30 with a tune-up included. Due to the COVID-19 circumstances this year, we were able to accept some bikes as classes were moving to remote in March, however we understand that many were not able to account for their bikes in their move-out process due to the situation. In partnership with CUPD, we are in the process of securing all unsecured bikes left on campus and maintaining them in storage over the summer. Contact with questions about bikes left on campus.


Remember to wear a mask when biking outside, avoid riding with anyone who is not in your household, and give a heads-up before passing people on bike paths to give everyone a chance to get at least 6 feet of distance or to mask up.