Published: Nov. 18, 2019
VCIS David Kang addresses I2SL attendees

On October 23 and 24, CU Boulder hosted a successful conference extension of the International Institutue for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) 2019 Annual Conference held in Denver October 20-23. Attendees from national and international universities and laboratories toured the Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Complex (SEEC) and Laboratory (SEEL), and attended panels with staff and leadership from different departments increasing efficiencies in laboratories across campus. See the full CU Boulder I2SL Conference Extension Agenda.

Conference organizers received glowing reviews from many attendees. “I particularly appreciated the cross stakeholder ethos, with everyone from leadership to researcher to engineer committed to sustainability. CU Boulder is the new paradigm for sustainability through collaborative teamwork,” commented conference attendee Dr. Sheenah Mische of the Department of Pathology at NYU.

“CU Boulder’s leadership in sustainability was on full display throughout this most impressive day, marked particularly by the enthusiasm of the speakers, and candid and supportive participation by key university leaders. The cooperative and collaborative culture energized me and I left with new ideas,” added Christopher Incarvito, Associate Provost for Science Initiatives at Yale University.

I2SL is a non-profit that advances the safety and sustainability of laboratories and other high-tech facilities globally. This is the first Conference Extension they have held since their first annual conference in 1999 (when it was the Labs21 Annual Conference of the EPA). The CU Boulder I2SL Conference Extension was organized by CU Boulder staff in the CU Green Labs Program (a program of Facilities Management and the Environmental Center) and Planning, Design & Construction (PDC), a part of the Office of Infrastructure and Sustainability, in partnership with I2SL. 

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