Published: Sept. 25, 2018
members of the Luger Lab

The Luger Lab, a Biocemistry lab headed by PI Karolin Luger, have won the CU Boulder Freezer Challenge, put on by CU Green Labs.

The CU Boulder competition happened in conjunction with the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge, offered additional prizes to CU Boulder labs participating in the international competition based on how many points they earned on their scoresheets. 23 labs from CU Boulder participated in the 2018 International Laboratory Freezer Challenge and togethery they earned CU Boulder Honorable Mention in the competition. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, who took first prize in the International Freezer Challenge, had 40 labs participate in the challenge.

The Luger Lab was awarded a $100 gift card to a local restaurant of their choice, and they chose Shamane's Bake Shop.

The following labs also received $100 gift cards to local restaurants of their choice.

2nd place - Biochemistry Cell Culture Facility (defending champions from 2017) - etai's

3rd place - Leinwand Lab - MCDB - The Med

4th place - Detweiler Lab - MCDB - The Corner

5th place - Yin Lab - Biochemistry - Potbelly's

6th place - Parker Lab - Biochemistry - Backcountry Pizza

Labs participated from many different departments on campus including CIRES, Integrative Physiology, Physics, the Institute of Behavioral Genetics, and Chemical and Biological Engineering. Labs earn points in the freezer challenge by defosting freezers and refridgerators, sharing freezers between labs, attempting room tempertature sample storage, buying new more efficient UltraLow Temperatures freezers and retiring older, less-efficient models, and creating or maintaining inventories of the contents of their freezers and refridgerators.

The International Laboratory Freezer Challenge is organized by the non-profits International Institute for Sustainable Labs (I2SL) and my green lab.

"The freezer challenge is about immediate energy efficiency savings, but it's also about resiliency. Performing this regular maintenance on your systems can prevent catastrophic equipment failures," says Christina Greever, CU Green Labs Program Assistant and Outreach Coordinator. In short, she quips, "it's good for energy efficiency, it's good for your freezer unit itself, and it's good for science." Greever adds that labs that participate in the Freezer Challenge are on the cutting edge of finding new research solutions and moving away from the risks to research involved with freezer use.

Congratulations to all participating labs!