V Estrada
2024 Speaker

Veronica Estrada is a participant in the Multicultural Leadership Scholars Program and is studying astronomy. She is known for her exceptional maturity and her ability to handle difficult situations with excellent judgment and adaptability, whether they are personal or academic. Estrada’s research in astronomy is cutting-edge and provocative, and her leadership skills are displayed not only within the physics department but also in the Multicultural Leadership Studies program, where she has served as a peer mentor to first-year students. Estrada is also involved with Thornton High School, her previous institution, and works as a liaison between the school and CU Boulder. Her work focuses on volunteer efforts to organize STEM events in the school, and provide resources and opportunities for high school students to receive tutoring in computer sciences and mathematics. Her natural leadership ability, perseverance, compassion and respect for others make her an asset to the CU community. Estrada hopes to stay at CU and become a doctoral student in the physics department with an ultimate goal of becoming a physics professor.