2022 Guest Speaker

Thomas Evans, a.k.a. Detour, is an all-around creative specializing in large scale public art, interactive visuals, portraiture, immersive spaces, and creative directing. His focus is to create work where art and innovation meet. A born collaborator and “military brat,” Detour pulls from every conceivable experience that shapes his landscapes and perspectives. His murals occupy the space at the intersection of contemporary art and community. They seek to highlight the heart and soul of their surrounding and provide a unique visual representation of many authentic community members - many of them have never had their likeness incorporated into any form of art. With each mural there is a relationship building opportunity that results in a product that is derived from the community. From interviews and neighborhood tours, to photoshots and local youth assistants, my murals look to a part of the community from start to finish. The style that I execute uses splashes of bold and bright color in an abstract way while still creating a recognizable form that feels familiar with the audience. The colors that are chosen and the poses that is struck by the subject are all derived from the surroundings and personality of the community. Simply put, the goal for the work I create, is to be an integral part of the community.