Vice President, Programs, ING Foundation
2022 Speaker

San Jose, California

Shalini Nataraj is currently Vice President of Programs with the Ing Foundation, a private philanthropy focused on advancing human rights. Prior to this, she was with the Global Fund for Women for nine years as Vice President of Programs, leading a global grantmaking program. She then led GFW’s Advocacy and Partnerships program, focusing on partnerships with international organizations like the United Nations, corporations and other funders.

Shalini came to GFW from the Reebok Human Rights Award Program where she was the Associate director for six years focused on young human rights activists around the world. Shalini has deep experience in designing and implementing programs to promote human rights and systemic, positive change in the lives of marginalized communities, primarily through grant making. She has strong expertise in program design and management, evaluating social change initiatives and in engaging donors in innovative philanthropic enterprises. Shalini has extensive experience working on human rights issues, with a specific focus on women’s rights and on addressing societal inequalities with a feminist lens.

Shalini’s interests include exploring other cultures through travel, music and food, biomimicry, doughnut economics – a framework for sustainable development combining the concept of planetary boundaries with the complementary concept of social boundaries.