Rengin B Firat
Senior Researcher | Neuroscientist
2024 Speaker

Rengin Firat is a neurosociologist with over 10 years’ experience conducting research on interpersonal behavior and group dynamics. She received her PhD in sociology at the University of Iowa in 2013, and has held a postdoctoral researcher position at the Evolution, Cognition and Culture Laboratory at the University of Lyon (France). She holds a research appointment with the University of California, Riverside Center for Health Disparities. Previously, she was a senior researcher at Korn Ferry, where she led the neuroscience research and thought leadership strategy on issues such as leadership, organizational effectiveness, the future of work and DEI. Before that, she worked as a tenure-track sociology professor at UC Riverside and before that as a tenure-track global studies professor at Georgia State University. Firat’s research has been published in Social Science Research, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Journal of Social and Political Psychology and Advances in Group Processes, and has received funding from the Social Science Research Council and the U.S. Department of Defense.