Writer • Bestselling Author • Creator of Publishing House 5KA
2022 Speaker


"Be who you are; do what you love!" is my motto, which I try to live every single day (well, still trying – but I believe every day I am closer to it).

Petra Škarja is an author of nine books so far, all of them are bestsellers in Slovenia. One of her books was translated in English, Russia, and Croatia, copyrights were sold in China. But more important is the story of her book CAMINO - From Slavery to Freedom, her life story, how she tarnsformed her biggest childhood trauma (years of sexual abuse from mentaly ill uncle) in her biggest strength.

She loves nature (especially mountains), sport (especially mountain climbing), and traveling (Myanmar, Shrilanka, China, Venezuela, Mexico ... - you named it).

Her love of books and written words and strong promotion of entrepreneurial mindset (even in artistic areas) motivated her to make a very innovative publishing house named 5ka ("high five"). 5KA Publishing House received a gold award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for innovation - could that be a next ground on how to transform worldwide publishing houses?

Coming from the former socialistic country of Yugoslavia she strongly supports an entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting. "We should be more entrepreneurial because that gives you freedom and creativity in work. Everyone should work what they love to do." She was also one of three founders of the company 500 women entrepreneurs, where they organized the biggest event for women entrepreneurs in Slovenia. After a few years, they sold the company, because: "My heart is in books. I strongly believe there are stories that deserve to live forever – so why not put them in a book. Yes, by it, you can change someone's life and do something good for others and with it for the whole world. Isn't that the point of living? Doing good for yourself, for others, and for the whole world.”