Moses Ma
FutureLab Consulting
2024 Speaker

Moses Ma is attempting to live the life of a modern Taoist. Over the years, he has enjoyed being a videogame designer, an artist, an internet visionary, a high-tech entrepreneur, a filmmaker, a physicist, a Buddhist and a martial artist. Today, he runs FutureLab, a venture studio with startups in AI, blockchain, enterprise computing, mobile apps, pandemic management, and most recently focused on technology to mitigate the societal impact of generative AI. However, to really know him, here are three little known facts about him: “When I was 7, I met Marlon Brando and Yul Brynner on the set of the film Morituri, which was shot on a freighter that my parents’ good friend worked on. Brando was so worried about gaining weight, he'd only eat one hard boiled egg a day during the shoot. When I was 10, my dad brought a friend to dinner, a professor of physics. He arrived on a motorcycle and talked about quantum physics. This was my father's plan to influence my life, so naturally, at the end of dinner, I announced I would go to Caltech to become a physicist. However, at that age, I was more interested in getting a cool motorcycle. Later in life, I did indeed attend Caltech and became a physicist. My dad was very wise, his name was Solomon. And third, at Caltech, I attended the Physics X lectures by Richard Feynman. It was like learning from Aristotle, one of the greatest gifts the universe bestowed on me.”