Mary Reynolds Thompson
Founder at Live Your WIld Soul Story and Write the Damn Book
2024 Speaker

Mary Reynolds Thompson, founder of Live Your Wild Soul Story, is an award-winning author, internationally recognized speaker, and a facilitator of poetry and journal therapy. A pioneer in the spiritual ecology movement, her focus is on the transformative power of landscape archetypes and nature metaphors to reveal our true purpose and right relationship with the planet. Author of The Way of the Wild Soul Woman and Reclaiming the Wild Soul, a 2015 Nautilus Award-winner, Mary has written for numerous other publications and anthologies. 

Thompson’s own wild soul was awakened as a child, riding a pig called Ramona over the dusty trails of Southern Italy. Since then, she has trekked all over the world, and her connection to nature continues to sustain her decades-long recovery from alcoholism. She can be reached at