2024 Speaker

Mardi Moore has dedicated her life’s work to elevating the rights, visibility, safety and socio-economic status of the LGBTQ community, building grassroots organizations from the ground up, living through the AIDS pandemic, and continuing to see the gradual, albeit slower-than-wished, acceptance of the LGBTQ community into mainstream public discourse. Moore has been on the frontlines of the good fight for over 30 years at the local and national level, recognizing that her role in demanding inclusion and diversity needed to go beyond armchair activism. She serves as executive director for Out Boulder County, a Colorado-based not-for-profit organization with the mission of working independently and in collaboration to facilitate connection, advocacy, education, research and programs to ensure LGBTQ+ people and communities thrive. Under her leadership, the organization has grown in reach, staffing and budget by modeling equality, respect, intersectional empathy and deep understanding of the fundamental human right to fall asleep at night dreaming of an optimistic, realistic tomorrow. Before leading Out Boulder County, Moore held positions with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the NYC LGBT Center.