Lucy Lawerence
Entrepreneur; Investor; Chairman of Troquer
2024 Speaker

Lucila (Lucy) Lawrence is an entrepreneur, investor and champion of digital evolutions. She is the founder of DoubleL Racing; digital architect for USAID's SURGES; and a former executive for eBay and GSI Commerce. 

Lucy has more than 30 years of experience in retail and commerce.  Before 2016, she led thought leadership and innovation for eBay, bringing global retailers and development teams across eBay to design new commerce playbooks. She joined eBay as part of the acquisition of GSI Commerce, then the leader in enterprise eCommerce operations with clients including Toys R Us, Ralph Lauren and all sports leagues- NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA. She was part of the founding team of Ashford.comin 1998, the first luxury eCommerce to IPO and acquired by GSI Commerce. 

Lucy co-founded and served as the first co-chair for the United Nation’s Business for eTrade Organization, a think tank engaging leading technology corporations with UNCTAD’s Aid for eTrade program. Today she leads the digital architecture for USAID's economic development fund, SURGES, in Mexico- focused on coffee, cacao and honey agriculture. 

Lucy is an investor in digital startups across Latin America, with a focus on circular economy.  She is a partner and board member at MD Partners, Caranty, Boulder Institute of Microfinance, Yakampot and Chairman of Troquer.