2024 Speaker

Lee Bebout is a professor of English at Arizona State University, where he is affiliate faculty with the School of Transborder Studies and the Program in American Studies. His articles have appeared in Aztlán, MELUS, Latino Studies and other scholarly journals. His book, Mythohistorical Interventions: The Chicano Movement and Its Legacies (Minnesota, 2011), examines how narratives of myth and history were deployed to articulate political identity in the Chicano movement and postmovement era. His second book, Whiteness on the Border: Mapping the US Racial Imagination in Brown and White (NYU, 2016), examines how representations of Mexico, Mexicans and Mexican Americans have been used to foster whiteness and Americanness, or more accurately whiteness as Americanness. Bebout earned his doctorate from Purdue University’s Program in American Studies.