Co-Host, Filmspotting • Film Critic, Think Christian
2017 Speaker • 2018 Speaker • 2019 Speaker

Chicago, Illinois

Josh Larsen is the co-host of the radio show and podcast Filmspotting, author of Movies Are Prayers and editor and film critic at Think Christian, a website exploring faith and pop culture. He’s been writing and speaking about movies professionally for 25 years. 

Larsen’s career began in the newspaper business, where he started out as a beat reporter for a weekly community newspaper and went on to become the film critic for the Chicago-based Sun-Times Media for more than 10 years. In 2011 he joined the Christian media landscape as editor of Think Christian, and in 2012 he joined the long-running weekly podcast Filmspotting, aired on WBEZ in Chicago. 

A veteran of the Sundance, Toronto, and Chicago international film festivals, Larsen has given talks on film at various colleges and conferences. He has led “Ebert Interruptus” at the Conference on World Affairs since 2017. 

Larsen lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two daughters. Visit for his latest work, as well as an archive of nearly every review he's written.