Founder & CEO of Jodie King Media
2022 Speaker

Many of us remember the feeling of being a young child in art class. We can recall the early wonders of a paintbrush, the magic of making a mess. We can return back to what it felt like to spread tiny wet hands onto a white page, coloring in the spaces until we made the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. And we remember the one kid in class whose work always seemed to be exquisite, with enviable edges, gorgeous lines, and colors that inspired the teacher to hang it on the wall with pride. Jodie King was not that child.

Now a teacher, entrepreneur, and professional artist, multi-hyphenate Jodie King never grew up expecting to see her art hanging on walls. The South Louisiana-raised wild child was more interested in getting her feet dirty in the bayou than rubbing her elbows in paint. However, ambitious from an early age, Jodie never hesitated when it came to rolling up her sleeves in order to build the future she desired. When asked how many businesses she’s spearheaded, she responds, “Started, or ran?” From managing one of Houston’s premier restaurants at 23, to starting her own organic clothing company in 2004, Jodie has independently conceived, founded, and ran to epic heights three separate businesses. At 35 she felt the sudden urge to come to the canvas, and soon found it impossible to leave. Her entrepreneurial spirit neighboring that of her passion for painting, she now finds herself at her most ambitious, triumphant, and authentic evolution yet: empowering fellow artists to challenge their status quo and build creatively and financially fulfilling businesses.

Though she carries nearly 20 years of artistic experience under her belt, the genesis of her art business was not exactly based on intuition alone. Several years ago, after suddenly arriving at both a professional and personal impasse, Jodie found herself at a crossroads. Ultimately it all came down to a simple decision: to stay in the safety where she’d been for years, or to listen to the still small voice that had long been gently tapping on her chest. Ultimately, Jodie chose to listen inward, whipping out her easel and paints with a vigor unlike ever before. However, when she first began telling people about the prospect of turning her longtime passion for art into a serious business venture, she was met with the same hesitation society has greeted artists with for years. But how will you make money? Never one to spend too much time concerned with the opinions of others, Jodie got to work the way she always has. Now with three high-demand online courses, nearly 30k Instagram followers, a spread in Vogue, and workshops all over the world, she wants to teach others how to do the same.

Her mission is not purely to spread the knowledge that becoming an artist doesn’t have to mean a life of economic insecurity, though guiding people to a place of financial freedom is a driving force of many of her online courses. Jodie also believes in a deeper, more spiritual freedom that emerges when we use art as a means of expression. “I guide others in creating their own incredible, powerful HONEST art. But make no mistake, it’s not always easy,” she reflects. “We create a lot of fugly art along the way. I’ve worked with artists for years and one thing I know for sure: It takes a special kind of courage to turn ourselves inside out and show it to the world. But, once we taste that freedom, we are never the same.”